About Our Project Managers


Carlos Custodio
Accounting Technical/Network Systems and Cloud Services

Mr. Custodio has a Master of Science degree in Information Systems from the University of San Francisco. His academic concentrations are: economic and financial theories of information systems, managing projects and change, global data systems, business finance software development, building Internet businesses, and ethics. He is a Certified Abacus Law Consultant, Certified Timeslips Consultant, and a Microsoft Online Services Partner. His expertise is in computer networks, accounting systems, cloud systems, online security, law office systems, and trial preparation systems. He is a former systems director for a prominent Bay Area law firm. Email: custodio@acconsulting.com  LinkedIn: custodio

Deborah Daniell
Accounting and Billing Systems Services

Ms. Daniell is a Certified Timeslips Consultant and a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor. She has extensive experience with law office bookkeeping and accounting services. Her expertise is in business compliance, tax accounting, fraud examination, forensic accounting, auditing, and financial risk management. She also has implemented billing and accounting systems for many San Francisco Bay Area law firms conducting multi-layered training seminars and developing strategic financial law office procedures. She is the staff accountant for several law firms in the San Francisco Bay Area concentrating in bookkeeping, trust accounting, retainer procedures, and resolving complex technology based accounting issues. Email: daniell@acconsulting.com


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