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Billing Services

Today’s billing software is more complex and requires knowledge and skills that most law firms do not have and can't afford to do without. If that's not enough, financial management of a law firm also depends upon numerous independent processes working together that include client intake, conflicts management, time reporting, client costs and expense recording, billing, accounts payable, trust accounting, and performance and financial reporting. Law firm billing requires detailed knowledge not only of the larger billing process, but extensive knowledge of the software being used to guarantee that billing is done timely and effectively.

We can help. We've lead the field in all areas of billing and our expertise allows us to support our clients with accuracy, attention to detail, responsiveness and integrity. We work closely with our clients and develop clear procedures during the billing cycle.

Success in financial management is tantamount to efficient procedures and timely and accurate financial data, and your accounting software and our experience in law firm financial management is the right combination to a superior workflow process.

Accounting and Bookkeeping for Law Firms, Timeslips, Abacus Law, PCLaw, Tabs3, Quickbooks
Timeslips Certified Consultant

Billing Services We Offer

  • Preparation of pre-bills and worksheets

  • Editing of pre-bill statements

  • Preparation of final client billing

  • Complete contingentcy and flat fee client procedures

  • Process payment to ensure client ledgers are balanced

  • Fulfill management’s informational needs and requirements

  • Process accounts receivable

  • Prepare management reports and/or custom reports

  • Process write-offs, write-ups and write-downs

  • Conduct general billing system maintenance and month-end closing

  • Verify proper system backups and disater recovery options

We support the following Time, Billing and Accounting Systems


Time, billing, trust accounting, general ledger, payroll, accounts payable & receivable, check writing, financial statements, plus fully integrated calendars, court rules, auto-fill court PDF forms, cases, conflicts, contacts, dockets, docs, emails, files, instant messages and more. Enter data once and use it in every way possible. No more duplicate entries or needing to use multiple systems.


Amicus Attorney Premium Billing

Amicus Attorney is a new and innovative approach to law firm billing. It adds billing, collections and trust to Amicus Attorney Premium Edition making it a complete practice management solution that manages both the professional and business sides of your practice.




Clio makes legal practice management easy. Its cloud-based software is targeted to meet the needs of sole practitioners and small law firms. Stay organized with document management, time-tracking, billing and accounting features.

CosmoLex makes legal billing simple and accurate, so you get paid for ALL of your time and expenses for each case. CosmoLex legal accounting software is 100% cloud-based which means you can enter billable time and expenses as soon as they occur, from any device and any location. No more forgotten time or expense entries. No more “surprise” items on bills for services performed months ago.




Legalmaster is designed for the firm that wants to combine powerful management tools with simplicity of use. Legalmaster lets you integrate your "back office" financial record-keeping requirements with your "front office" case management needs. Legalmaster is "modular," letting you automate whatever parts of your firm you wish, and add others as you see the need.

PCLaw discovers new ways to simplify your firm’s business operations, shorten your billing cycle and increase profitability. It allows firms to capture your billable hours and expenses with flexible, easy time tracking, manage your client billing more efficiently with billing options such as flat-fee, task-based, split, contingency, retainer and electronic billing, accept client credit cards to better manage cash flow and get paid faster, fulfill your accounting and trust requirements without concern, administer vendor payments and banking with integrated bank reconciliation tools to keep your accounts in balance, securely manage your payroll online, and analyze your firm’s performance with comprehensive reporting and financial statements

QuickBooks is Intuit Inc’s set of software solutions designed to manage the financial operations of a small law firm. The software’s features include marketing tools, services, tracking expenses and costs, managing retainers & billable hours, setting up invoicing for legal fees, organizing accounting operations, tracking clients, and scheduling appointments.




Tabs3 Billing is a reliable, award winning software designed for law firms. It makes it easy to get your bills out quickly, and manage the business side of your firm. Automatically e-mail PDF statements to clients one at a time, or in batches. Bill your standard rate or set up custom rates and billing options per client or attorney. Add Tabs3 Taskbill software for electronic billing formats such as LEDES. 


Billing Matters billing and accounting software provides you with enhanced billing and client trust accounting capabilities beyond the out-of-the-box capabilities of Time Matters. It includes: firm-defined task and ABA litigation, project, activity, and expense codes, retainer, one-time charge, flat-fee, flat-fee plus actual costs, contingency, maximum or minimum charges per bill and progress-based billing, customizable invoices and approval workflows, discounts, markups and adjustments.


Sage Timeslips makes it easy for service businesses to capture more billable hours and accurately track expenses. Sage Timeslips integrates with 20 software packages, such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Outlook, Time Matters and Amicus Attorney. Features include Automatic Time Capture, 100+ pre-defined reports, calendar sync, customizable reports and a real-time dashboard. Web-based time and expense capture is available. 

Accounting and Bookkeeping for Law Firms, Timeslips, Abacus Law, PCLaw, Tabs3, Quickbooks
Accounting and Bookkeeping for Law Firms, Timeslips, Abacus Law, PCLaw, Tabs3, Quickbooks
Accounting and Bookkeeping for Law Firms, Timeslips, Abacus Law, PCLaw, Tabs3, Quickbooks
Accounting and Bookkeeping for Law Firms, Timeslips, Abacus Law, PCLaw, Tabs3, Quickbooks
Accounting and Bookkeeping for Law Firms, Timeslips, Abacus Law, PCLaw, Tabs3, Quickbooks
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